Telephone Answering Service

MessageBase offer a professional UK telephone answering service from as little as £1.20 per day. Offering various call management services for businesses including call forwarding, message taking and our call answering service where all your business telephone calls are routed directly to MessageBase either during office-hours or 24/7. Setup of our telephone answering service is simple and easy for your business, give us a call on 0800 01 81 600 and we can talk you through the process or contact us

Telephone Answering Service

Message-taking: Response

Response is a message-taking service; whenever you're busy or simply do not want to be disturbed, simply activate Response and we'll take care of the rest.

Your calls will be answered by your dedicated virtual receptionist, who will answer the call, take down the caller's contact details and message, then forward the information to you via email or text message (depending on your preferences). 

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Telephone Answering Service

Call Forwarding: FrontDesk

FrontDesk is a call forwarding service, which is also sometimes referred to as a virtual or managed switchboard service. 

Your calls will be answered and forwarded to the relevant person or department in your organisation, either announced or unannounced (depending on your preferences). For large companies, outsourcing your telephone switchboard makes even more sense, so take a look at what we offer.

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Why use a telephone answering service?


Look More Professional

Our customisable telephone answering service will help you develop the image of a professional and established organisation, positively shaping your customers' perceptions.

Save Time & Money

Not every business has the resources or need to have a full-time receptionist. Our service allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated receptionist answer calls in your company name at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee and internal telephone infrastructure.

Grow Your Business

No longer will you need to worry about losing customers when you're unavailable to pick up the phone. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, we'll be there to handle your important calls and help you grow your business, and that's exactly the purpose of a telephone answering service.

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